According to a statement of the Ministry of Shipping, 6,316 cars were set to sail on a single cargo vessel. This new record exceeds the older one of 5,376 cars by 940 units. These cars were placed on the ship's new berth - "OCT-2".

The statement from the ministry read "Continuing its march to set ever higher records of handling cars, Mumbai Port has set a new record of a shipment of 6316 cars on a single ship on its new berth OCT- 2. This is a quantum jump over the previous record of a shipment of 5376 cars."

The ship - M. V. HOEGH ST PETERSBERG set sail on August 9, 2016 with majority cars being from General Motors (3,115) and Volkswagen (3,093). The shipment is going to Mexico.

"In its own way by improved facilities and higher handling rates, MbPT is consistently contributing to the 'Make in India' campaign by facilitating the export of Made in India cars. Mumbai Port has been focusing on the export and handling of cars and has emerged as number one port on the West Coast of India growing @ about 25% for last few years. It is committed to improve the facilities & help reducing the cost of handling cargoes." The statement added.

This news will surely encourage other international car makers to set up their manufacturing centres in our country. Not only will this reduce the cost of cars and bring more variety in the country, but also improve employment and economy of the nation.

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