London: Shopping with kids, getting them ready for bed and taking them on long car journeys are among the most disliked tasks carried out by mothers, a study has revealed. The study, commissioned by Ford Retail, of 2,000 mothers revealed the weekly shopping, which is full of tantrums and persistent requests for chocolate and biscuits by their kids, as the most stressful event for mothers.

Meal times also proved tricky, as did taking young children on long car journeys, getting them dressed, and providing entertainment on rainy days - all of which left mom feeling stressed at least three times a day.
"Being a parent can be testing at the best of times, but it seems there are certain situations which are worse than others," the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Ford retail as saying.

"Traveling with young children is clearly a key stress factor - whether mothers are struggling to get young children in and out of car seats, entertaining them on long journeys or dealing with traffic jams, the issues are apparent," he said.

With bath times, getting their kids dressed and birthday bashes ranking high on the list too, more than 5 percent mothers admitted feeling stressed every minute of the day.

Forty percent of mothers confessed that keeping to a schedule on a busy weekday morning is the most stressful part of their week.

However, 41 percent of parents also said that stress helped to motivate them, with 82 percent saying that all is forgotten when their kids smile at them or give a cuddle.

Mothers' top 20 stressful situations:

1. Doing the weekly shop

2. Bedtime

3. Long car journeys

4. Getting children to eat certain foods

5. Going to someone's house where they don't have children

6. Being stuck in a traffic jam

7. Meal times

8. Entertaining children on a rainy day

9. Getting kids in and out of the car

10. Getting children dressed in the mornings

11. Bath time

12. Busy attractions and days out

13. Packing for a holiday

14. Cleaning children's teeth

15. Shopping for new clothes

16. Getting children to eat their food

17. A child's birthday party

18. Illness

19. Eating out

20. Going on holiday


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