London: The average mother spends a staggering four months of their life ironing, a new study has revealed.

New research, which was done by researchers on behalf of Philips PerfectCare, has found that the cloth pile that a mother irons in her lifetime is a huge 1,248 metres tall - four times the height of London's Shard tower , which is 303 metres tall, a media reported.

A recent study discovered that women still do all of the ironing in four out of five households across the UK and nearly half (39 per cent) said that their husband or boyfriend never spent time in front of the ironing board.

They are not getting any assistance from their offsprings either as only 3 percent of teenagers have offered to help them with the chore.

For the study, researchers quizzed 1,091 mothers about who does the household chores.

Mothers in Scotland have the biggest battle on their hands, with an average of 15 items in their weekly pile - compared to 12 items for mothers in London.

And mothers in London appear to be the laziest with more than a quarter (26 percent) saying that they don't do it at all - compared to 24 percent in Scotland.


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