Bhubaneswar: Public Accounts Committee Chairman Murli Manohar Joshi on Sunday denied reports that he or the PAC had ever tried to influence the CAG in regard to calculation of losses on account of spectrum allocations.

The BJP leader said he had tried to find out as to why foreign investors had gone for big investments in telecom companies which had neither expertise nor infrastructure.

The companies had informed the PAC that they came to the telecom sector because they could manage to get spectrum allocations, Joshi pointed out.

"PAC has not at all influenced anything. We have only told the irregularities and violations of cabinet decisions and the conspiracy between certain people and the private players to denude the country's exchequer," he said.

The issue is like this, he said, "There is no question whether the FDI comes or not... we are not saying anything about the investments. What we are saying is that the investments should come in a proper manner. We have checked up with those who have come with foreign investments and we asked how have you selected this company for foreign investment?"

The PAC had raised question on how spectrum allocations were given to companies having no expertise or infrastructure, he said.

Therefore, Joshi said, "Don't confuse the issues. Heavens will not fall down if culprits are brought to book."

"The issue is that those who have done the irregularities, those who have violated the decisions of the cabinet, those who have given irregular licenses... and Supreme Court has also taken cognizance of it," he said.

"The loss is debatable. The CAG has himself said that these are the limits. It can be more. There was a loss which was more than Rupees 4 lakh crores...Sitaram Yechury says it is more than Rupees 2 lakh crores. The loss is a loss. And I have asked the government to calculate the loss and tell us what is the exact amount and the Finance Ministry says we are unable to calculate the loss," he said.

"Then who will calculate it? He asked adding that you (Centre) calculate the loss and profit of the whole country and are not unable to calculate the loss of one department in one transaction," he said.

Joshi seeks Centre’s statement on north, NE

Claiming that China was trying to set up bases from Arunachal Pradesh to Kashmir,
Murli Manohar Joshi sought a statement from the UPA government on the country's preparedness in the north and northeast.

Stating that BJP would raise the China issue in the Winter session of Parliament commencing Tuesday, Joshi said the UPA government must come out with a statement about its preparedness in the north and north-east.
Claiming that China had "surrounded India from all sides", he said they had been "trying to set up bases from Arunachal Pradesh to Kashmir".

"China has been trying to have its presence in the Bay of Bengal through countries like Myanmar. If they come to the Bay of Bengal, all existing and upcoming ports in Odisha will be in danger," Joshi said.

"While thousands of square miles in Siachen area remained under China's occupation, Chinese soldiers are frequenting Leh and Ladak areas. Indian Army has recently said that Chinese military were present in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)," he said.

"With the help of Pakistan", Joshi said, "China was also trying to set up a port in the Arabian Sea and now attempting to have its presence in the Bay of Bengal. China had also been trying to build a port with the help of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean".