New Delhi: The MCD election is turning out to be a battlefield between muscle power and money. Already flooded with ‘crorepati’ candidates, there are a sizeable number of candidates having criminal record against them. Surprisingly, the BJP has fielded maximum number of candidates with criminal cases against them closely followed by the Congress for the municipal polls in the city on April 15.

The Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) analysed affidavits of 1,485 candidates out of the total 2,400 candidates in the fray. Shockingly, 139 candidates with criminal back ground -- including those facing serious charges like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery and extortion -- were found to contest the MCD election. Out of these 139 candidates, 43 face charges of serious crimes.

According to the figures provided, BJP has fielded 39 candidates with criminal background, while the Congress has given tickets to 28 such candidates. The Bahujan  Samaj Party has 19 such candidates with Samajwadi Party having 4. 

The number of male candidates with criminal record is much higher than that of women. According to a report, 14.3 per cent of male candidates (114 out of 799) have criminal cases against them in comparison to a meager 3.6 per cent of criminal cases against women candidates.

5.25 per cent male candidates (42 out of 799) are faced with serious criminal charges whereas only 0.14 per cent of women candidates (1 out of 686) are found to have cases of serious crime against them.