Washington:  Accusing China of building psychological pressure on India, senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has said that if voted to power, his party would meet any such activity from Beijing head on.
"Muscle would be met with muscle," Sinha said on Wednesday at the prestigious Brookings Institute, when asked what would be India's foreign policy with regard to China and Pakistan under BJP's rule.
Sinha, who is on a private visit to the US, said that India cannot allow China to get away, or get better in the psy-warfare like frequent territorial incursions or issuing threat to the Indian oil explorations in the South China Sea.
"Our ships are looking for hydro carbons in South China Sea, they would buzz them for instance. From time to time they would say this part of India belongs to us, that part of India belongs to us," he said.
"Our (BJP's) point would be, we would not be demoralised. We would meet you headlong in the psy warfare is concerned. We will not be bumped. Muscle would be met with muscle," he said.
In fact, Sinha in his remarks identified China along with Pakistan as the two neighbours that have an eye on Indian territory.
"It also lays claim to an entire state within India, namely, Arunachal Pradesh. Many of us believe that China is encircling India from all sides in order to keep it contained. The pinpricks along the border continue," Sinha said.
"But India has risen in the last five decades; the global situation has also altered and China knows, as India does, that the border issue will not be settled by a clash of arms, but through negotiations," he said.
Responding to questions, Sinha said if BJP is voted to power in 2014, it would adopt a policy of "verify and trust" with Pakistan and would not tolerate any kind of interference or muddling in India’s security affairs by its neighbouring countries.
The BJP's policy, he said, is to engage Pakistan but only on the condition it would stop state-sponsored terrorism against India.


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