"Unfortunately, museology is a woefully neglected field in India. The Indian Museum can and must take a leadership role in this regard. By doing so, it will not only enrich its own collection, but will also help other museums across the country," Singh said at the inaugural function of the bicentenary celebrations of the museum here.

Calling upon the museum management to see itself as an agent of change and development, the Prime Minister said in order to make a difference the first requirement is to train and develop its personnel.

"As it renews its journey, it should seriously think about its role as a purveyor of knowledge. It is not enough in today's world to house a collection," Singh said.

The PM further said that a museum needs to document, study and analyze its own collections, make comparisons with similar collections held elsewhere and build up collaborations with other great museums whose collections reflect and shed light on what it holds.

Highlighting the importance of museums in attracting tourists, he said many great cities are defined by the presence of some outstanding museums as people travel thousands of miles to visit them.

Founded in 1814 by Asiatic Society of Bengal, Indian Museum is the earliest and the largest multipurpose museum in Asia.


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