"With regular reports of attacks and abuses of women, we need to mark our stamp of disapproval through various forms of art, including music," Somlata, who had wowed audiences with her renditions in ‘Maach Misti and More’ and national award winning ‘Ranjana Ami Aaar Asbona’, told reporters.
'Mayabano Biharini' singer, who was present at the launch of Ek Tasveer music video, said the video has a message which is very crucial in the present circumstances to reach out to the youth and others.
"As colleagues in the same music industry all of us should chip in for any such effort which speaks against women atrocities," Somlata said.
"Ek Tasveer aims to bring a message against social terrorism that is targeted against women through grotesque acts like rape. It is to show our respect for the ‘Nirbhayas’ born and subjected to one form of abuse or other every day," Mainak Nandi, lead vocalist of premier Guwahati band M-Sonic said.


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