Washington: Among the hundreds of shows during New York's Fashion Week, the presentation for the Ann Nahari label may be the only one in which the models are draped to conceal rather than reveal.

A practicing Muslim and a fashion designer, Nailah Lymus, who designs a line for secular women who desire a little more modesty in their clothing, said that one can be more modest and still be fashion-forward and stay true to your faith, media reported.

Though she is not showing her own creations during Fashion Week, she is producing Saturday's show for fellow designer Sumiyyah Rasheed, who is showing her upscale plus-size fashion.

Lymus has incorporated her own modest sensibilities into the entire show, from models wearing artful headwraps to layers of flowing fabric.

But Lymus is not only a designer. She has an agency for which she specifically recruits Muslim women as models.

She said that the muslim girls have everything-the height, the look and they embrace everything that other women do, but they have certain stipulations.

She added that these models show no skin at all except for hands, feet and face and the models' hair must also be covered.


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