The terrorist strikes in Jammu on Thursday morning and prior to that at a historical church in Peshawar have once again proved that Pakistan is a terrorist country and biggest threat to world peace, said Razaullah Khan, a professor, while chairing a meeting of Forum for Muslim Studies & Analysis (FMSA) at media centre in Aligarh.

Over 80 people were killed at Peshawar in Pakistan, after two suicide bombers blew themselves up near a church on September 22. Razaullah Khan said that it was not a simple terrorist attack on minority community, but on world brotherhood and humanism.

He also said that the attack in Nairobi also should be condemned as it has endangered the lives of Indians there. At least 70 people were killed, when gunmen stormed a mall in Nairobi Sep 21.

FMSA secretary general Jasim Mohammad said that the terror attacks are increasing day by day. He said that while on one hand, minority Christian community has been badly affected in Pakistan, on the other hand, over 70 people, including Indians, have lost their lives in terrorist attack in Kenya.

Jasim said that Pakistan not only executes terrorist activities in India but also kills minority Shia and Christians who are their own citizen. He demanded that the United Nations declare Pakistan a terrorist country.

The way terrorist attack in Jammu was carried out indicates that it was executed by Pakistan and such frequent attacks undermine international understanding, Jasim Mohammad said.

Another speaker, N Jamal Ansari said that Al-Shabab terror group is behind the Nairobi attack and its security and training chief is a Pakistani. Humayun Murad, a professor, said that terrorists have no religion.

He also said that all countries of the world should impose economic sanctions against Pakistan. Another speaker, Naseem Ashraf said that if the Pakistan government takes up land and economic reforms, that country may develop.


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