New Delhi: With the crucial Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh a few months away, the Congress-led UPA government’s bid to win the favor of Muslim community by supporting reservation for backward Muslims within the quota fixed for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) will be no easy task for the Centre.

The Central government’s consideration of granting reservation to backward Muslims within the 27 percent quota fixed for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) has raised many questions. The move is likely to be challenged in the Supreme Court.

The issue of quota within quota had surfaced in Uttar Pradesh ten years ago, when the then BJP government headed by Chief Minister Rajnath Singh had constituted a committee to propose reservation for most backward classes within the 27 percent quota for the Backward Classes. The move was opposed by Ashok Yadav, who was then a Cabinet Minister in the BJP government.

Since the issue of quota within quota has surfaced again, Ashok Yadav, now an independent MP is determined to oppose the government move.

Ashok Yadav said, “I’m not against the reservation for Muslims but would always oppose any reservation which would be at the cost of deduction in the 27 percent reservation for the OBCs.”

“The Apex Court had barred this reservation ten years ago. But if the Central government still allows the reservation for Muslims in the 27 percent OBC quota, I will knock at Supreme Court’s doors, ” Yadav added.

Yadav said if the Centre is really serious for granting reservation to Muslims then it should go for the Constitutional amendment to provide the same.

According to sources, many ministers of the backward classes representing different parties are also against the OBC quota for Muslims, but they are not expressing their views openly due to Muslims vote bank.