New Delhi: The Muslim vote bank which has always emerged as the game changer in the political history of Uttar Pradesh is going to decide the fate of the candidates contesting from the 60 seats in the last phase of the assembly elections on March 3.

The political parties including the Congress, the BSP, the BJP and the SP are leaving no stone unturned to woo the Muslim voters and maximize their success rate in the politically crucial Uttar Pradesh.

While the Congress is expecting similar support from the Muslim voters as they had gained during the 2009 General elections, SP seems in no mood to lose their most trusted voter’s support in the state.

Meanwhile, the BJP taking the best out of the tussle between the SP and the Congress over the Muslim votes is trying to consolidate its Hindu voters.

In the overall scenario, the Mayawati led BSP seems to be lagging as its old political equations based on dalit vote bank and new social engineering seems to be dimming in the present political dimensions.

It is noteworthy; the Muslim voters have a direct influence on 46 seats out of the 60 assembly seats that will go to polls in the last phase of UP elections. Similarly, there are 16 seats with 20 to 29 percent

Muslim population. In the previous Lok Sabha elections, the Congress managed an impressive victory owing to the support from Muslim voters, although they were able to woo only 8.3 percent voters with victory on one seat in the area in 2007 assembly elections.

The continuous efforts levied by the star campaigners of the Congress and the SP including Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav in the Muslim bound regions highlight their importance for coming to power in the state.

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has mainly focused in these regions during his election campaign in the state.

While Gandhi on one hand carried his road show to woo the Muslim voters, Yadav playing the caste card has brought back Azam Khan in the party.

In the overall race, the political career of BSP seems to be at the full stop as the present scenario forecasts a tough fight among the political factions trying their luck this election.