Talking about the role of Muslims in the nation’s development, Modi said, “If a limb becomes paralyzed, the body can’t be fit and healthy. In the process of developing the country, the government will move ahead along with each and every section of the society including Muslims.”

Voicing concern for the economic condition of Muslims, Modi said that the community has failed to keep up with other sections of the society as their lifestyle has witnessed little improvement.

He said, “When I was young, I saw a Muslim man working at a cycle repairing shop. Today, even his third generation is also doing the same job. This needs to be changed.”

Earlier, during discussion, Indian Union Muslim League MP E Ahmed urged Modi to take effective action against communal riots and other incidents of crime so that a sense of security prevails among the Muslims.

He also said that a sizeable section of Muslim community is ‘scared’ ever since new government led by Modi came to the power at the Centre.
At the same time, he also spoke of providing conditional support to Modi government in Parliament on various issues.  

During his reply to President’s note to Parliament, Modi also stressed on the development of each and every section and community of the nation and said that a sense of collective responsibility should prevail while working for the 125 crore-strong population of the country.

The condition of Muslims in India continues to be somber even after almost seven decades of Independence. The community is still in laggards, when it comes to some of the most crucial sectors like education, health, employment etc.

Though the government, from time-to-time, keeps on announcing schemes and programmes for Muslims, things rarely get implemented on the surface level and most of the plans never see any light of the day.

With Modi taking charge at the Centre, there is an air of excitement as well as expectation across the country as he is seen a pro-development leader. At the same time, his track-record as Gujarat Chief Minister for more than a decade is indeed impressive, a fact, which is taken note of by well-recognized institutions.

However, the real challenge before the Gujarat strongman is to instill a sense of confidence among the Muslims as the specter of 2002 riots, where several innocent people of the Minority community, continues to haunt him.


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