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Muslims voted for Modi to keep themselves safe: Azam Khan

Publish Date: 22 Dec 2012, 06:41 PM
Last Updated: 22 Dec 2012, 06:41 PM
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Muslims backed Modi for safety: Azam
Muslims backed Modi for safety: Azam

Rampur: Samajwadi Party leader and UP Cabinet minister Mohammad Azam Khan today said Muslims voted for BJP in Gujarat to keep themselves "safe and secure".

"The RSS and BJP cannot take credit for Narendra Modi's victory in Gujarat," he said.

The minority community voted in Modi's favour to keep itself "secure and free from dangers faced by it in the past", Khan said.


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  • GV02 Jan 2013, 00:00 AM

    Mr.Azam Khan this time Muslims were with Narendra Modi because RSS was against Modi. RSS took active interest in opposing Modi. The RSS is opposing because US is opposing Modi. Muslims are supporting Modi because US is opposing Modi

  • swami24 Dec 2012, 00:00 AM

    Do people vote for anyone to make themselves unsafe?