On the other hand, mobile application market is flooded with apps that provide all elements related to your spirituality needs. The applications provide bhajans, devotional songs, mantra, rituals, aartis, Gods wallpapers and sacred text materials (holy-books).

Here, we bring some devotional apps which are available in stores:   

Japa Mala app: The spiritual mobile app provides images of real mala beads moving on screen. When devotee touches the screen it starts counting. It also manages timing of meditations. Japa Mala app reminds to pray. Also, users can download 'Rudraksh Japa Mala' by Sanketik Technologies.

Puja app: The app provide  Aarti of almost all Hindu Gods. Users can specified a God for each day of the week for worship. According to user's input the app functions and provides all the details relates to rituals. It provides slide of Gods' images with devotional music. The app is also adorned with virtual temples.

Gita app: The app is alike a multilingual e-book of  Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. It has a translation option for each Sanskrit verse. The font in the app is large and a bit goofy.

Bhajan apps: Developed by Keyideas Infotech Private Limited,  Bhajans app is one of the most downloaded app by the devotees. It provides devotional songs and ring tons. Also, the app is adorned with a Hindu calendar on the home screen.

Namakoti app:
The app is very useful for those devotee who enchant God's name throughout day. It counts the number of times user took Lord's name. Uses of the app is free until the count of God's name reaches 10,000.

Hindu Holy Books apps: Four prime Hindu Vedas are available in store in Hindu Holy Book category. Rigveda App, Manusmriti App, Sam Veda App and Bhagavad Gita App can be downloaded. These apps provide simplified version of shlokas and verses.