Ravan might be one of the famous evil characters that our mythology has witnessed. We bring you few interesting facts about Ravana we doubt you might have missed.

1. Ravan was originally named as Dashanana. While trying to move Kailash mountain, Lord Mahadeva pressed the mountain with his thumb which made Dashanana scream. The scream which Dashanana let out meant 'Ravanah' in Sanskrit. Thus, he got the name of Ravana.

2. As per Jainism, Ravan is one of the 24 Tirthankars. They believe that Ravana will be born during the next cycle of Tirthankars and lead human cycle.

3. Ravan acquired a boon from Lord Brahma that no Demon, God, 'kinnar' or 'gandharva' could ever kill him. Lord Rama thus came in form of a human figure to slay Ravana.

4. Ravan had a huge empire and it was not only restricted to Sri Lanka. His empire extended from Atlantic Ocean west to North America. Balidweepa (today's Bali), Malayadweep (Malaysia), Angadweepa, Varahdweepa, Shankhadweepa, Yavadweepa, Andhralaya and Kushadweepa were all under his kingship.

5. When Rama built Ram Setu to get Sita back from Ravan, there was no brahmin available to perform the rites. It was Ravan who became the purohit and completed all the rituals.