Salgaocar put up a good performance in the first phase but two successive losses have put them at the bottom of the table with 17 points from 17 matches. Dempo, who dropped points after they drew against Mumbai FC, too have 17 points from 17 matches and are facing relegation.

They still have three matches remaining and Salgaocar coach Derrick Pereira is optimistic his team will do well on Wednesday.

"It is a situation we cannot afford to lose, all we can do is to collect three points if not one point will do. The team has been performing well but lack of finishing has cost us dearly," Pereira said.

"In the last match we commited silly mistakes which saw us concede a goal and that put us down. Now we have to look forward to do well in tomorrow's match.

"It's do or die situation for us and for four others. We have problems at the back but that problem would be solved if somebody upfront who could get us goals. All the three goans team are fighting to avoid relegation and we have to do our best to save relegation.

"There is question mark on Darryl Duffy playing tomorrow as he has strained his leg after scoring against Bengaluru FC in the last match and is doubtful starter. We have a practice session this evening and we will take a decision tomorrow," said Pereira.

Dempo's coach Tevor Morgon too voiced similar concerns.

"We are in a position where we cannot afford to lose especially three matches to go, we love to get three points as we are in better position to save relegation. Looking at the situation around where others team are also fighting to save relegation, a draw will be disappointing," Morgon said.

"In football we cannot say what is going to happen next. At this moment things are in our hands but our fate is not going to be in our hand if we loose tomorrow. So we need to win tomorrow to place ourselves in a comfortable position to fight the next two tough matches," he added.

Dempo's defender Agnus Calum said: "The boys knows the situation they are in and have to give their best. Just like us there are other four teams who are fighting for relegation and tomorrow's win is very important for us as it will put us in better position to avoid relegation.

"We take game at a time. I know the pressure we are in but we need to remain calm and give cent percent in order to win," said Calum.

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