Model-cum-actor, Muzammil Ibrahim, who won the Rashtrapati Award for bravery in 1994, doesn’t believe in taking suggestions from trainers and dieticians for attaining a toned body. Martial arts are a key to his macho visage but many more secrets are yet to be revealed. Here, Muzammil shares his fitness mantra in a candid chat with Delhi Desire.

This self-taught fitness enthusiast doesn’t have any trainer. Instead, he resorts to Google for regular  updates on bodily excercises. It is reported that fitness runs in this Kashmiri model's family. “My grandfather, Mohammad Karam Deen Bhatt was a professional body builder. He has inspired me since my childhood. That’s why, I wish having a body like him”, Muzammil says.


He practices cardio for three days a week and rest three days are reserved for weight training. Running on trade-mill bores him, so he prefers to martial arts. Nevertheless, he also practices Taekwondo, Japanese martial arts and Muay Thai (Thai sports) for not less than an hour.


Fitness conscious Muzammil banks on a balanced diet. Carb-diet had never worked for him. Since he belongs to Kashmir, he cannot stay without eating rice. He adds, “No carbs make me feel low and restless.”

Muzammil goes for three large meals without snacks. His day starts with a glass of milk, eight egg-whites, two huge paranthas and two omelets. He likes to have rice and non-veg food in dinner. In lunch, he takes pulses, vegetables, paranthas or rice with lassi. In evening, before exercise he does take boiled sweet potato. Crazy Muzammil loves eating non-veg foods five days a week. For healthy skin, he eats ghee and cheese on regular basis.

Fitness Funda

•    Work is my passion. I am a simple and hard-working person.

•    I stay away from stress with positive thoughts.

•    Honesty, hard-work, determination and self-confidence are integral qualities for a successful life. Besides, a model must have complete personality, good physique and perfect attitude.

•    I workout and eat good to stay fit.

Courtsey: Delhi Desire