"My clothes are all about black or cream all the time as I believe black hides dirt and helps you in looking slim. It doesn't look crushed like light colours do. Also, I work for very long hours at different places; so I need easy and functionable clothes," Tahiliani said in a candid chat.

He dresses socialites, celebrities and a whole range of clientele from all walks of life. But it is also vital for him to be prim and proper at all times.

"My own stretched linen trousers, linen shirts in black and ivories are the must-haves in my wardrobe. Also, I live with bundis as that works in both summer and winter. I think it also gives you a formal look apart from being comfortable,” said Tahiliani, who also owns different kinds of shoes from Italian fashion label Prada.

People's opinion doesn't influence Tahiliani's fashion choices.

"I wear simple things... I wear chappals at the beach of Thailand and I don't care what people think! If I love it, I don't care. I have cheap $100 watches and I have a watch by Cartier (French luxury jewellery and watch manufacturer) too. My mantra of life is to wear what you like," he added.


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