The Prime Minister was speaking to students on the eve of Teacher's Day here at the Manekshaw Centre. His interaction with students was broadcast to schools on big screens across the country.

The Prime Minister also narrated a story how he shortened his full-sleeved Kurta in his childhood days. "I had to wash my clothes myself and full-sleeved shirts would take more time to clean, so I shortened off the sleeves. It made my work easier and I started wearing more short-sleeved clothes,” he added.

PM Modi said, "Gujarat has moderate climate, the half-sleeved kurta kept me cool and I could easily carry them'. The Prime Minister added he always liked to dress well, and being from a modest family, there was no money to get his clothes ironed. He overcame this by putting smouldering charcoal in a round bottomed vessel, a lota, and used that as a pressing iron.

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