"It is disappointing that my comments have been taken out of context by some sections of the media," Dravid was quoted as saying by a website.
"A lot of conclusions and inferences have drawn from Rahul Dravid's quotes on credibility. Wait for the full interview," read the website's twitter handle.
Dravid had expressed anguish over the recent IPL spot-fixing scandal and its fallout, saying that restoring the credibility of the game is of utmost importance failing which cricketers may lose respect of their fans.
"There are so many fans and so many people who care deeply about this game and it is because of these fans that we are who we are as cricketers,” Dravid said.
"Administrators are there because of the fans and the cricketers to run this game, so credibility of a game, or a board, or even a government for that matter, is important irrespective of what you do. If you are in public life it is important," he had said.


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