Motherhood is a feeling of completeness encompassing myriad emotions like seven coloured rainbow.  It is the best gift a woman can have from God. But motherhood is not merely defined by bearing and rising of children. There is a mother in every woman, whether she has gone through the pain of giving birth to a baby or not.

Goutam Rajadhakshya, veteran celebrity photographer, who breathed his last on Tuesday, earlier on the occasion of Mother’s Day in a candid interview with Sakhi, shared his feelings about his aunt whom he considered as his mother.

 “I lost my parents at the age of eight. I was brought up by my aunt (buaa). She was a dignified lady with enormous knowledge on photography and classical music. My aunt was a vivid reader. She had a diploma in Fine Arts from JJ College of Fine Arts. She is the one who taught me the right way to live life. She was a disciplined person and this quality of hers has added a lot to my success.

As she did not have her own child, she bestowed all her affection on me. After completing B. Sc (Bachelors in Science) I had to choose a certain career, my aunt called me and asked me politely and asked what I wanted to do in life. She gave me an option to pursue Masters.

When I told her that I wanted to build my career in advertising she brought several books on the same topic. She never influenced me to opt for the career she wanted. She always said, “Whenever you get time, try to do something new as it helps in your mental growth.” Whatever I am today is because of her, all credit goes to my aunt. She was the embodiment of motherly love and warmth for me.”