London: Fashion designer Alexis Barrell says her entry into fashion was not planned and adds that as a creative person she explores "the ugly" and "the cheesy".

"I really just discovered it by accident. I was surprised by how much I could enjoy doing something. Before that I had spent most of my time coming up with very creative ways of doing nothing at all," a website quoted Barrell as saying.

"I have been trying to figure my general aesthetic recently. I read somewhere some very good advice- that your aesthetic is just about what you like. You should put a whole lot of a thing you like together and that’s it! I like the words natural, free, and unstudied.

"I like mess, without it I am lost. I like the idea of doing something a bit wrong, exploring the ugly, the cheesy, the dated or the dreaded 'happy'. I like beauty, I can't deny it, but never perfection. I can't stand perfection or the strife for it," she added.

The designer is set to unveil her debut spring/summer 2013 collection inspired by the African Karoo desert, Delft porcelain and antique botanical drawings.