Noida: Around twenty years back a daughter lost her parents whose reason of death could not be ascertained. Heartbroken and bereaved, she spent sleepless nights just wondering who could be so cruel to take away her parents from her. She toiled day and night to find out the killers of her parents.Running from pillar to post, contacting police officers as well as people with super natural powers, she left no stone unturned, but to no avail.

Then one fine day, she got all answers to all her queries and her twenty year long thirst was quenched to an extent when she came to know about her parents’ killer. This was made possible not through any police investigation or detective agency, but through an Australian spiritual healer.

44-year old Marina Dee, helped the daughter to connect with the spirits of her parents who gave valid leads to their murderers home. They even warned her from furthering the investigation saying that even her life is in danger. But not one to be cowed down, she is all set with renewed determination to trace the killers and put them behind bars. “And this has been possible only because of Marina Dee, She was the ray of hope at the end of dark tunnel for me. Without her I had lost all hope. She helped me connect with my parents’ spirit and also took me out of depressing through her healing. She is the true messenger of God for me.”

This is just one out of many instances out of spiritual healer and coffee cup reader Marina Dee’s life. Having interacted with spirits from the age of five, this clairvoyant has touched the lives of innumerable people healing them through her super natural powers.

“I have always been able to see and hear sprits. I thought everybody could. It was only when I would relay messages to my friends and family that it would freak them out that I realised it was not normal. Over the years my gift developed but because I was too young to understand it, so I chose to ignore it and shut it down,” said Marina Dee at a press conference here on Wednesday. 

She claims to have predicted the High Court bomb blast which ripped the national capital part killing many people. “When I was in Australia, I used to see images of India with people running around and crying and blood all over. When I heard about the blast after a few days, I realized India was calling me and I should go there to heal the bomb blast victims and help them connect with their near and dear ones who died during the blast and are roaming around as spirits now.”

Making furthering predictions she said, “November 3 is a crucial day. Something’s going to happen that day, may be an earthquake or something. I also see many youths thronging the streets in India next year. They will take to the streets to protest against something. Also in 2012 India will witness the rise of youth power.”

According to her, some more blasts are destined to happen in India. Also next year will see the unearthing if a big scam involving a top notch politician or bureaucrat who will be put behind bars.

Life took her on various paths and many different careers. During her colorful she suffered many traumatic events which led to a serious bout of long term depression. “I became a single mother with two young boys. But the turning point in my life happened when I was working as a nurse and whilst lifting something, I seriously injured my back. After seeking professional advice it was decided that I needed a back operation. My depression worsened. I felt I was in a constant battle with my mind and soul. One night while I was praying, my father’s spirit came to me and told me I had to use my gift. That’s when my life really started to turn around.”

I began t o love the paranormal and went onto study coffee cup reading and candle wax readings. I am able to read the symbols and the energy surrounding the coffee cup and the candle wax to gain more information during a reading, she added.
Having been blessed with this special power, she says that power of spiritual healing can be developed. “Meditation is necessary; one should do this for at least six months to a year and then get trained under a good clairvoyant.”

Reminiscing her father’s death she narrated with tears in her eyes, “My father also has this special power. So, months before his death he knew he was going to die. One day he told me, Marina dear I will not be with you after a few months. I was shocked. But he has always been with me in the form of a spirit. He is my angel, my guide. He is still with me in this room.”

Although science may refute the existence of a world beyond this world, the power of the supernatural, the mystic healing powers, there is no denying of the fact that these do exist. Or else, how can one explain the inexplicable turn arounds in the lives of many healed by Marina Dee or other clairvoyants like her.

Nuzhat Nasreen/JPN