Mumbai: Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma says he has stuck to authentic facts for his movie ,"The Attacks of 26/11",based on the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. A sequence from the movie was showcased here on Friday.

"As much as possible, I would say that it is a complete, true representation of what happened and the reason for that is most of the sources are either eyewitness accounts or Kasab's (terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab) confession to police charge sheets to the judgment copy...," Varma said Friday at the screening.

"So most of it is authentic information. I did not try to suggest anything which is not in the popular knowledge," he added. Meanwhile, asked about the opposition he faced during the making of the film, Varma said, "Actually the reverse is true. I think a lot of people went out of their way to cooperate in this film's shooting, including authorities.""If (there are) some people who have a problem, it is more of a misunderstanding and misconception. They don't know about my correct intention behind this film,” he added. In the movie, Varma has shown the exact sequence of events of 26/11, the night when 10 terrorists created havoc in Mumbai, killing 166 people.


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