As Gorakshapith heir and Gorakhpur MP Yogi Adityanath has a Hindu mission but as a representative of the constituency he aims to develop the entire Eastern Uttar Pradesh. And to realize this dream Yogi has been taking up the issue on every platform.

Yogi was the youngest MP in the Parliament when he was first elected to the Lok Sabha in 1998. He was the first MP below the age of 40 to have been elected four times in a row. Believing in transparent system, Yogi urges people to vote for candidates having clean image in Assembly polls. He spoke to Dainik Jagran on the current political scenario and direction of the state.

Amidst lots of speculation, you finally agreed to campaign for BJP.

I did not refuse to campaign for the party. I just denied to campaign for corrupt people.

What is the reason of clash with your own party?

I do not have personal grievances with anyone. My issues and principles are very clear.

With your efforts, many ambitious projects in the Poorvanchal states have got approval. These projects have to be executed by the state governments. Are you satisfied by the role played by the people who have your support?  

I feel Assembly is the right platform to raise certain issues. But the SP and the BSP have devalued the democratic institutions to the extent that it has become impossible to perform such activities.

Do you want to give any message?

Assembly election in UP is very crucial to central politics. The voters should vote sensibly on the basis of performances. Voting right is the most effective way to shape the future of the country. The voters should pledge not to vote for corrupt, criminals and mafia in this election.

(JPN/ Bureau)