Stressing that he was focusing on governance and not internal fights in AAP, Kejriwal also said that after coming to power he has realised that his "real fight" was against bureaucracy and he was working on ushering in major "structural" changes.

"I am above all these fights. I am concentrating on governance. I have not come here to fight," Kejriwal said after launching the book titled "The Crown Prince, The Gladiator and The Hope" authored by AAP leader Ashutosh.

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"The man who is at the receiving end of governance would decide whose governance is better. During the elections, people had two models of governance. One was the Kejriwal model of governance of 49 days and the other Modi model of governance of eight months. By giving us 67 seats (in Delhi assembly poll), people have proven that Kejriwal model of governance is better", he said.

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Asked to weight his model of governance against Modi's, Kejriwal emhasised that "in our model a common man is at the centre whereas in his (Modi) model a handful of the country's rich people is at the centre."

"Policies are made for them. But we make policies for common men," he said.

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