New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan is widely regarded as one of India's leading stars and named among the most influential people in the Bollywood.

In his 20-year-old career in Indian cinema, he has gained countless accolades and honours. A cinematic leviathan, he is the actor who has good genre of Bollywood movies of all time. As a romantic hero, he has experienced the kind of female adoration that any other actor would envy.  

In a candid interview with Ajay Brahmatmaj, senior journalist of Dainik Jagran, the ‘Baazigar’ of Indian Cinema shares his life from the past.

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Q. We have heard that your association with Rohit Shetty has been quit a personal affair. Tell us more about it?

Ans. Well… Like I earlier said, Rohit had first approached me with a proposal for remake of Angoor which was released in 1982. I was too eager to do the movie so I gave my commitment. My selection for the movie was not because it can go well in Bihar or London or any other region. I chose it just because it is close to my heart.

Q. What’s the story behind Angoor?

Ans. My connection with ‘Angoor’ goes back to my childhood days. It was the favourite film of my mother (Lateef Fatima). We have many precious moments of life attached with the film. Those were the days of the VCR. We used to watch movies on the VCR. My mother suffered from pain in her legs. So every night, I used to sit by her side and gently massage her legs while watching Angoor. I still remember the dialogues of Dilip Saab. She loved Dilip Kumar and thought I looked like him.

Q. Is that the reason you went for Devdas?

Ans. Well…I had no interest in serious movies like Devdas in my teenage days. We grew up watching films of action and romantic heroes like Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna. We never thought that serious characters like Devdas can ever be meant for our generation. When Sanjay Leela Bhansali offered me Devdas, there were many who strongly suggested me not to take up the project. Some even termed it a career destroying movie. But Sanjay had faith in me. He told me that my eyes speak about the emotion and pain of Devdas and I am perfect for the role. At that time Aziz Mirza and Juhi Chawla were also there. I accepted the movie and now everybody knows it was a great movie.

Q. Tell us more about the movies which you would love to remake? 

Ans. I have already done a lot of remakes that have been close to me. Don, Devdas, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Shree 420- all were great. But if I get the opportunity I would love to remake Chupke Chupke and Angoor. I would cherish to do movies of Amitji and Dilip Saab. Rafoo Chakkar and Aan are my personal favourites.

Q. And what about Namak Halaal?

Ans. I don’t think people will accept me in the role. I find myself quit unfit for Namak Halaal.

Q. You have shared the silver screen with the finest stars who played your reel parents. Who resembled the most with your real life parents?

Ans. DDLJ’s Anupam Kher and Om Shanti Om’s Kiron Kher. Both the roles are close to me. The cute, silly and innocent mother played by Kiron ji in OSO somewhat resembled my mother. The awesome sense of humour of Anupam ji as a father in DDLJ, the way he encourages the moral of his son when he fail in his graduation and accepts his defeat is speechless. Both the characters gave endless love to their child without putting any condition.

Q. Would you like to see Gauri working in movies?

Ans. I can never imagine Gauri or even my children working in movies. She is a good house wife.

Q. What are the lessons you have pass on to your children that you got from your parents?

Ans. Acceptance and patience are the two things I have learnt from my parents. My friends consider my patient attitude as my weakest point. My father was a very tolerant person. I believe one should be what he is. I have taught my children sense of competition. I, Gauri and our children, all of us live like friends. Like friends we point out mistakes of each other and pat each other’s back when we have done something good.

(To be continued...)

Ajay Brahmatmaj/JPN

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