New York: For the Indian born beauty, Padma Lakshmi, things have not been that easy as it should be for a supermodel. Laxmi says being a woman of colour and an immigrant her roads were tough.

Padma who is better known as a popular TV host, Emmy award nominee, said that she has worked hard for all that she has today. She moved to the US while still a teenager

"I have been working hard all my life ever since I got out of college to build a career with my own hands and own mind. Being an immigrant in the country, being a woman of color, it's an effort," said Lakshmi.

A resident of New York for the past two decades, Lakshmi said that her ethnicity is not the core of her life. She added, “I don't get up in the morning thinking, 'I'm an Indian' or 'I'm a woman' or 'I'm a person of color'. I get up thinking, 'Alright, what can I do to accomplish what I find interesting in the world?' I never start from a place of my ethnicity or my gender, I start from a place of ambition and just curiosity about the world.”

The 41 year old model-actress said that her personal life has often unjustly overshadowed her professional work.

Lakshmi's marriage and divorce from Booker prize winner Salman Rushdie, her ongoing custody battle with her 1-year-old daughter Krishna's father and her relationship with billionaire Ted Forstmann, has made her life tabloid fodder.