Choreographer-filmmaker Farah is married to director-producer Shirish Kunder.

Farah, who judges "DID Super Moms", was joined by her mother-in-law on the set of the dance reality show. Geetanjali brought idli-chutney for Farah and her co-judges Mithun Chakraborty and Master Marzi Pestonji.

During the special episode on mother-in- laws, Farah revealed things she loves and hates about her mother-in-law. "My sasu maa (mother-in-law) cooks lovely food, but it is so annoying that every time she cooks something, I never find my share in any of it. It is like she only cooks for her son and grandchildren!" Farah, a mother of three children, said.

Farah talked about feeling left out when her mother-in-law talks to her son Shirish in Tulu (language spoken in parts of Karnataka and Kerala).

"Whenever she and Shirish are together in a room, they begin to talk in Tulu, which for all that I understand of Tulu could very well be Greek or Latin," Farah said.

"However, she is also one of the sweetest people I know. Whenever I am not around, she is the one who looks after my babies. I do not think I would be able to work as much as I do if she wasn’t a part of our lives. I also tend to call her daadi (grandmother), which is something she doesn’t like one bit,” she added.


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