Los Angeles: Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock says she has found out the benefit of having a young kid in her life.

The 47-year-old actress, who will soon be seen next in 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close', said that her son Louis gives her a chance to remember being a child, Ace Showbiz reported.

"If you let a child into your life, you get a second chance at a childhood and you do things you thought were long past.

"I'm seeing things we have to do and have to see, so we can remember and take a picture and say, 'Oh my gosh! Look at this!' - when normally I'd just blow past it. It's a whole different time when you do it for the kids," she said.

'The Blind Side' star also said that the kid, who turns 2 in January 2012, does believe that Santa Claus exists.

"He's met Santa. He's already in with Santa... because Santa is very real," she added.