Mumbai: Contrary to his onscreen playboy image, Emraan Hashmi is quite a family man. He spends every free minute with his little boy, Ayaan and basks in his wife, Parveen, appreciation of his films.

And he's quick to add that she doesn't mind him doing steamy scenes. But what she does poke fun at is the fact that little Ayaan can't watch any of his daddy's films till he is an adult. The otherwise reserved Emraan, who has a number of films due for release this year, speaks his heart out in a candid chat.

On cloud nine

Obviously, I am very elated about the success of my latest film. I went to Gaiety in Bandra and watched the film with the audience. It was fun sitting quietly in the back row with Parveen (my wife) watching the film and the audience's reaction.

I am glad that my wife liked it too. And no, she doesn't get bothered with all the kissing scenes (laughs). But honestly, I have been so busy that I haven't had time to celebrate the success with my family or friends.

Not kidding

In fact, I've been too busy to unwind too. Frankly, I don't get much time to watch films. In theatres, I watch only English films and my own projects. I might sound narcissistic, but I don't take time out to watch the regular Bollywood fare.

I am a huge fan of science fiction, horror and thrillers. I like watching anything that is bizarre, think Psycho, American Psycho and Seven. Given a chance, I would love to essay Anthony Hopkins role in Silence Of The Lambs.

But for now, I want to star in a film that my son (Ayaan) can watch as a kid. My wife complains that he can't see any of my films till he turns at least 16. I want to do a children's film, but something a little offbeat.
Profile update

People say that I have been lucky with my films, but I think that you can get lucky, once, twice or maybe thrice. But you have to be talented and hard working to sustain your place in the industry. If I am perennially lucky, then my luck must be very good (laughs).

I do wear a lot of rings on my fingers. But they are not only for success in films, but also for health and a happy family life. My family is very important to me. I miss my son a lot when I am away shooting, so all my free time is devoted to him. By nature, I am a reserved person. I only come out when my films are due for release.