Mumbai: Myanmar President Thein Sein on Saturday visited the tomb of his country's last king, who was exiled a century ago, at Ratnagiri along Maharashtra's Konkan coast.

"The Myanmar President who arrived in Mumbai on Friday evening, reached Ratnagiri on Saturday morning and visited the tomb," a senior state government official said.

He would leave for Myanmar soon after his return to Mumbai on Saturday afternoon, the official said.

King Thibaw's reign ended in 1885 with his defeat at the hands of the British colonial forces, who sent him and his family into exile to Ratnagiri, where he died and was buried.

Thibaw's defeat in the Third Anglo-Burmese War marked the end of centuries of royal rule, and Burma, as the country was then known, remained part of the British empire until 1948.
Thibaw and his wife Supayalat were allowed a luxury residence in exile with staff and a car, although they could not venture far beyond the house.
The "Thibaw Palace" is located in Ratnagiri town. The former monarch died at the age of 57 in 1916, shortly after he suffered a heart attack when one of his daughters eloped with a man whom he considered unsuitable.
After the king's death, some of the family eventually returned to Myanmar while others remained in India.
Incidentally, India's last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled by the British to Rangoon in Myanmar, where he died in 1862 and was buried there.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had visited his tomb on a visit to Myanmar earlier this year.


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