Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar Daw Khin Saw Oo made the disclosure in the parliament in reply to a proposal urging the government to circulate the country's bank notes bearing the image of General Aung San, reported a Chinese state-run news agency.

"The central bank will issue bank notes bearing the images of country's prominent leaders, buildings, landscapes and emblems with the permission of the Union government," she said.

Over the tenure of the previous military government, General Aung San's image had been absent from the bank notes.

During the early historical period when Myanmar was fighting for independence from the British colonialists, General Aung San, along with his seven councilor members and his bodyguard, were all assassinated at Yangon's prime minister's office July 19, 1947 before Myanmar regained independence Jan 4, 1948.

After Myanmar won independence, the then bank notes were set to bear Aung San's image until the military take-over.

General Aung San is father of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.


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