Today, the opposition leader kicked off campaigning for Myanmar's historic November 8 general election with a Facebook post one of many signs of how far the country and its most recognizable politician have come in a few years.
In a video message, the opposition leader called the upcoming elections 'a crucial turning point for our country.'

"For the first time in decades, our people will have a real chance of bringing about real change," Suu Kyi said, in a message posted on her party's Facebook page in Burmese and English. "We hope that the whole world understands how important it is for us to have free and fair elections”, Suu Kyi added.
More than 90 political parties will take part in the Parliamentary elections, which are being closely watched as the next step toward democracy in a country that was run by a repressive military junta for nearly half a century.
The polls will be the first since a nominally civilian government was installed in 2011. But with the military still firmly in control of the process, there is widespread speculation as to whether the election will be free and fair.
Aung San Suu Kyi, who enjoys huge public support, is barred from running for president because of a controversial clause in the constitution but is seeking re-election to Parliament.


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