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Myriad colours of Priyanka Chopra

Publish Date: 23 Jul 2012, 03:35 PM
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2013, 05:07 PM
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Myriad colours of Priyanka Chopra
Myriad colours of Priyanka Chopra

The vivacious beauty and critically acclaimed actress Priyanka Chopra is one of the strongest contestants of the coveted Bollywood queen throne. Starting her  career in 2003, this small town girl in a very short span of time went on to become one of the leading actresses of Hindi cinema. She has proved herself in the film industry on her own without any godfather.

Expanding her boundaries, Priyanka always tries something new which makes her different from the other lot. Whether it is experimenting with her looks or selection of movies she has been a league apart. While in 7 Khoon Maaf, Piggy Chops portrayed 7 different characters, in Teri Meri Kahani she has essayed three entirely different characters.

She is everywhere:

Priyanka has one of the most sought after celebs who is seen grabbing the spotlight everywhere be it events or stage performances. According to grapevine, her presence in any event adds an extra dash of glamour resulting high TRP. Owing to this huge popularity this diva is seen shaking a leg everywhere be it IPL match, stage shows or award ceremonies.

While actresses are so much concerned about her look, Priyanka is such a heroine who always dares to experiment with her look and appearance in her movies. In 7 Khoon Maf, she portrays seven different characters and in her upcoming film Barfi she goes to glam to play a role of an autistic girl. Her fans are waiting eagerly to see Piggy Chops’ new avatar in her upcoming films Zanzeer and Krrish 2.

Passion for singing:

She has already earned kudos for her acting skill, now lets see whether she can mesmerize her fans with her melodious voice. Piggy Chops is all set to release her first music album very shortly. International agency creative Artist Agency will launch Priyanka as a singer in western countries with a bang.  It is said that with the launching of her music album Priyanka will emerge as the first Indian rockstar. Priyanka has always been very focused towards her goal. One day she will obviously reach the zenith of success in the field of music too with her dedication, perseverance and confidence.


(Ajay Brahmatmaj)

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  • PC smital01 Dec 2012, 00:00 AM

    TO PIGGY - God bless Us with loads of love to share with each other our entire life. Love you for what you are to me. Love you for makin me feel that you are the perfect one. Love you for everything you do to me. Love you for making me complete.

  • PC smital01 Dec 2012, 00:00 AM

    TO PIGGY - You are the very centre of my very universe and I love you lots and lots!

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    TO PIGGY - On seeing her beauty, the sun went down, the moon came up, and the stars began to shine. On seeing her beauty, the dew shone, the flowers bloomed, and the weather turned fine. On seeing her beauty, Searph danced, and Narcissius was driven insane. On seeing her beauty, my eyes ragaled, my pulse sank, and my heart went into her reign. – Love,