Simaria: With sudden disappearance of crows, myna, sparrow, once a common sight on our balconies, the most common domestic animal goat is now falling prey to mysterious disease in Chatra. The goats are suffering from some unknown disease which has claimed more than 50 lives so far.

Much to the horror of the animal bearers, the large number of deaths have been reported within a week in Simaria region of Chatra.

According to the villagers of the Sarendag Panchayat, goats start watering from mouth and nose and soon become lazy. Thereafter, they stop drinking water and die in a short time span.

The sudden death of goats has forced the breeders to watch their means of livelihood die in front of their eyes. Moreover, some more goats are believed to be suffering from the unknown disease.

Surprisingly, the Animal Husbandry Department is quite unaware of the serious situation due to which no solution has been initiated in this regard.

On the contrary, the villagers have reported the matter to the Veterinary Centre at the block headquarters repeatedly, but in vain. They made regular requests to save their goats but no heed was paid to the plight of the bearers.

Meanwhile, District Animal husbandry Officer Dr Kameshwar Prasad said, “I have not been informed of the death of the animals. If there is any disease widespread among the goats, the department will set up camps for their treatment.”