The matter was brought to the notice of the makers when an onlooker noticed that the poster appeared fake as the names of the producer and director were not on it. The poster, which has been put on a plasma slide, has been apparently lifted from the Internet.

Ved Sharma, manager, Andheri PVR says, “I am not aware about any such poster. The Delhi team will be able to help with this.” While the manager for the Juhu PVR, Munda, was equally clueless.

PVR’s marketing head Ashish Suri, however, explained, “It has been picked from the Internet, but we always get posters from the production houses.”

When told that it was unauthorised, he said, “I will have to check with the team which manages social media.”

Director Sabbir Khan pointed out, “I am not aware about it as the first look of the film is not yet out. The poster and artwork is still being worked on. Also, picking it up from the Internet, which has probably been made by a fan, is inappropriate and surprises me.”

A source close to the production house said, “We will try to get to the bottom of this matter. It is highly irresponsible for an established multiplex chain to do something like this.”

Courtesy: Mid-day

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