Mumbai:  They don't refer to Shane Warne as the sheikh of tweak for nothing. Judging by his eyebrows in recent photographs, the cricket field isn't the only place where the legendary bowler appears to have taken out some of his aggression.

As such, eyebrows were raised when former Australia one-day international cricket captain Shane Warne made his appearance on the pitch, this year. The current coach and captain of Rajasthan Royals has been looking better (botox?) and fitter since his chat show went primetime last year. And we didn't miss the aggressively tweaked eyebrows either.

The once bushy burst of hair above his eyes appears to have been forsaken in favour of a fine, more defined line. "It's almost as if the person in charge of his personal grooming felt like indulging a little too much," says beautician Bhawna Tolani.

"I am definitely not against men tweezing their eyebrows, but to leave behind something so unnaturally shaped is almost comical," adds Bhawna.

 "Only in the past couple of years we have been getting men who want their eyebrows plucked," says Hemal Parekh, who runs a hair and beauty salon in Wadala.

"Most of the men look so sheepish when they approach us," adds Hemal who, on an average, has four male clients come in every week, requesting for the treatment."It looks weird initially, but neater once you get used to it. Unless they get disastrously thin or are shaped badly."

 What does Warne’s eyebrow speak?

Shane Warne seems to be a man that can't be trusted, given that his eyebrows tilt downwards, but have an upward growth. Such people should put their commitment down in writing, as they might say one thing one minute, and another the next. The bushy growth points to mood swings and stubbornness.