HIV transmit through kissing: While kissing, a combination of antibodies and enzymes form naturally in saliva. This combination prevents HIV from infecting new cells and thus, HIV doesn't transmit through saliva.


HIV transmit by accompanying people who are HIV-positive: You can never catch the virus by accompanying with the HIV-positive person. It only spreads through exchange of bodily fluids such as blood, semen and breast milk. So, being sneezed on by someone with HIV or sharing baths, towels and cutlery will not infect virus in others.


Mosquito/insects bites will spread HIV: Mosquitoes are infamous for carrying several viruses like dengue fever. Luckily for humans, HIV viruses can't be digested within the mosquito's gut and this inability makes mosquitoes unable to carry the virus.


Unprotected sex if both partners are infected is safe: Unprotected sex may lead to spread other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Therefore, both partners remain at higher risk of contracting any other disease more easily. These STDs are well known to be associated with serious complications that may be impossible to cure.

HIV doesn't transmit through oral sex: One of the most confusing myths that lingers in mind is HIV virus can't be transmitted through oral sex. There is much less chances of transmission but if HIV can enter through open cuts or possibly by infecting the lining of the mouth.


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