"Skill upgradation and orientation of higher education in the country is a priority area for the government led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A higher education system needs to equip the youth with tools for the job market," he said, addressing the South Zone Vice Chancellors Conference at Vellore Institute of Technology, at Vellore.
He said that the immense demographic dividend and potential of the youth can be productively channelized for growth and development of the country only when the higher education system is provided a 'job orientation'.
He said that the focus of the government is to empower the youth of the country with productive skills in order to realize their immense potential in nation building.
The Health Minister stated that the government is committed to strengthening and improving higher education in the country to reach the glory the nation enjoyed in the past.
"Merely quality will not be the focus. In a country teeming with a large number of youth, quantity will also be a priority area for the government in its endeavours," he said.
The Health Minister stressed the need for a sturdy and effective regulatory mechanism which will ensure that the highest standards of quality are met by the higher education system in the country.
He said that it will also take care that the cost of higher education is not such that it becomes unaffordable and beyond the reach of the common man.
"The government is committed to working on a regulatory mechanism which will meet the challenges of providing quality higher education at affordable costs to empower the youth in the country with employment-oriented skills," Nadda said.

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