"The present government has a support of 52 MLAs, including the pre and post-poll alliance under DAN and independent MLAs in a House of 60 and none has officially informed in writing to Speaker about the withdrawal of support to my Government," Zeliang told reporters on Tuesday evening.
Meanwhile, Governor P B Acharya has summoned a special session of the Assembly for trial of strength on February 5 as 22 NPF MLAs had openly rebelled against the leadership of Zeliang on January 5 and demanded to form government under the leadership of G Kaito Aye.
The Chief Minister said, "We think this is the best option now to break the logjam and to clear the air about who gets the majority," he said.
Expressing confidence that all the MLAs will cast their vote according to their free-will and clear conscience, Zeliang said, "We all have a responsibility and a duty to ensure the stability of the DAN-III government, which received overwhelming support and mandate from the people of Nagaland only two years ago."
"Only through stability, we can deliver good governance, and work for people’s welfare," he said.

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