While working with an NGO, Nagesh came across girls who have been rescued from a brothel. Hearing their stories, he decided to make a feature film based on the incidents leading up to their rescue.

His co-producer Elahe Hiptoola, who has worked with him on more than 13 films so far says, “Initially, the plan was to make a documentary on them. But when we heard their shocking stories, Nagesh thought they should reach everyone. So we decided to make a film.”

The film essentially revolves around one particular girl who fought against all odds to survive in spite of the circumstances.

“It is an inspirational story. Since this particular girl was just 14 when she was pushed into prostitution, we had a tough time casting for her role. We would have liked to cast a teenager but we thought ethically it wasn’t right to make a young girl go through so much. Fortunately, Nagesh spotted singer Monali Thakur at a party and offered her the role. Later, we took her audition and she fitted the bill perfectly,” says Elahe.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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