The defeat faced by the Indian cricket team at the hands of South Africa in Nagpur has not only dealt a severe blow to the bright prospects of India in the ongoing World Cup but it has also raised questions on the teams preparations and strategies. With one group match left to be played, suspense looms large over India’s entry into quarter finals.

As such, how can one be sure about India’s easy entry into the finals? This is disappointing as well as shameful that after standing comfortably at a score of 267/1, India could just garner 29 runs after that losing 9 wickets. This opens the loopholes in the strong Indian batting order. And if any batsmen dreams of achieving victory by adopting such loose batting style, then it will only be apt to mention that only miracle can turn the dream into reality.

The way Indian batsmen played in the field in Nagpur against South African team is all the more worrying, the reason being team’s defeat despite the brilliant start given to Indian side by master blaster Sachin, Virender Sehwag and consistent Gambhir. One cannot expect a better beginning than this against a strong team like South Africa. Sachin with his magical ton gave the team a solid base for victory which unfortunately was ruined the lower order batsmen.

This is the last time cricket fans will see their ‘God’ Sachin playing in World Cup. As such expectations are sky-high, not only of Sachin’s fans but the whole of cricket-frenzy Indians who are waiting to see the team to bring the World Cup home. Even the cricketers in the Indian team had mentioned that they want to win the Cup for India as well as Sachin.

But, it’s turning out that our cricketers are not being able to match their high-level of enthusiasm with their playing style. Infact, it is disappointing to see that just the opposite is taking place.

Though our ‘God’ Tendulkar is striving hard to give his best performance in his last World Cup and fulfill his fans’ expectations, but his efforts being washed away by the lower order batsmen. Here again, it should be mentioned that only India’s batting is not being questioned, but its bowling and fielding too has come under criticism.

The victory earned by team India against novice teams like Ireland and Netherland has raised even more questions on team’s performance. The earlier claims, that friendly Indian pitches and team’s good performances in the recent past make India a favourite to win the World Cup, has been proven wrong by team’s almost narrow victory against the two novice teams.

It is true that only one team cannot win every time and that when the match is played between equally strong teams then anyone can gain victory. But this does not mean that a team can repeat its earlier mistakes over and over again. Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni should not forget that this is the first time his captaincy is being questioned and crtiticised. Dhoni can justify decisions taking by him on the field by citing various reasons. But he should see that proper attention is being given to those areas, which according to him, need improvement. Also, he should strive towards removing those weaknesses which has become visible.