Development of 14 major and minor ports, rivaling Singapore on the maritime front, three international airports and 14 domestic airports, three 'mega cities' and 11 'smart cities' and 28 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are top on the government's agenda to make AP an ‘air and maritime hub’ and propel economic development.

Creation of inland waterways in the state and a National Waterway connecting coastal town Kakinada with Puducherry is also on the anvil.

Add the five ‘grids’ and the seven ‘missions’, the plans look massive for a state that is seeking to re-build itself in the aftermath of the bifurcation.

The five grids contemplated by the government are water, power, highways, gas and fiber optic. The seven missions comprise primary sector, social empowerment, skill and knowledge development, urban development, industry sector and infrastructure sector.

These missions will have specific objectives to push the growth plans envisaged by the government, create jobs and help alleviate poverty.

"A society without poverty.. A state that is a centre of technology...And, a joyous population confident of its bright future... That is my ultimate vision for Andhra Pradesh," says Naidu.

"I will ensure that we create the entire ecosystem and develop each city into a growth centre and eventually transform Andhra Pradesh into a bustling state," he promises, adding that he would convert the current adversities (caused by the state's division) into opportunities for all-round progress.

However, everything remains only on paper as of now, with no firm estimates of the finances required or the time frame within which the projects could be completed.

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