"Sweden has probably been naive in this regard. Perhaps it has been difficult for us to accept that there are, in our open society, people, Swedish nationals, who sympathise with the killers and with Islamic State," Lofven said.
He announced a slew of measures aimed at foiling planned attacks. He said the government wanted to give security authorities the right to eavesdrop on electronic communications such as Skype and Viber.
“If the measures are approved, Swedish intelligence agency Sapo would also be allowed to use secret surveillance means to intercept information transmitted by encrypted means," he said, using the example of Trojan horses planted on cell phones, tablets and computers under surveillance.
Border controls, which Sweden reinstated on November 12, would also be extended until December 11.
“In addition, new laws would make it illegal to take part in terrorism training, travel to commit or prepare terrorist acts, travel with the aim of being trained as a terrorist, as well as financing such travel," Lofven added.


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