The dimply duo attracted attention after they were installed on Sunday on the wall of a hotpot restaurant in Jinan, capital of Shandong Province.
The giant figures, one climbing the wall while another looks on, called "naked Buddhas", provoked fierce online bickering as to whether they are "offensive" or not, after photos of them were posted this week.

Netizens have mocked the idea of the figures being inspired by a famous Chinese soup called "Buddha Jumps over the Wall" containing sea cucumber, dried scallops and shark\ fin.
The name of the dish is an allusion to the notion that it is so tasty as to entice monks to come running from their temples to partake of the non-vegetarian delight.
According to the shame-faced restaurant manager, netizens have mistaken two naughty children for naked Buddhas, state-run news agency reported. The sculptures were taken down two days ago.

The manager refused to reveal the reasons behind the display, saying that he was only in charge of running the business, but that the figures were part of a marketing idea.
The local government said it was not involved in the matter as the sculptures were simply commercial activity.


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