New Delhi: The country’s leading aluminum producer, National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) has recorded excellent production and sales results during 2010-11. The company has achieved highest-ever cast metal production of 4.43 lakh tonnes against the 4.31 lakh tonnes achieved in 2009-10.

Besides, Nalco's alumina refinery has achieved 98.8 percent capacity utilisation by producing 15.56 lakh tonnes of alumina hydrate. While its bauxite mines produced 48.24 lakh tonnes with a capacity utilisation of 100.5 percent. Nalco's captive power plant at Angul also recorded the highest-ever net power generation of 660.8 crores million units. The high demand of aluminum and Nalco’s improvement in the share of domestic market has benefitted the company commercially.

During this period, Nalco recorded a sale of 4.39 lakh tonnes of metal in 2010-11. The company also recorded the highest-ever domestic metal sale of 3.40 lakh tonnes in 2010-11, surpassing its previous highest record. It exported 4,614 tonnes of billets in 2010-11.

Nalco has also widened its international customer base by adding new overseas clients during the year.

(JPN/ Agencies)