New Delhi: The name of a wife mentioned as a nominee in an insurance policy wouldn’t suffice to be a valid evidence for her marriage, a Delhi court has ruled.

A woman had filed a divorce petition seeking to dissolve her marriage. A Khanpur-based woman had married a man on June 21, 2007, according to Hindu Law, contended that her husband had nominated another woman in a LIC policy and thus he was married to her also.

Additional District Judge Rajendra Kumar, while rejecting a petition filed by the woman said: “Even if it is true that the man has named the other woman as his wife and named as a nominee, but it this is not proved that the named women is his legal wife.”

However, the court agreed to dissolve the marriage on the basis of negligence and violence. The court stated that the man took money from the women’s parents for expanding his business. In its decision court said, “The man used to beat his wife in drunken state and had left the house with no reason.”


(JPN/ Bureau)