New Delhi: The names of the brave soldiers who laid their lives for the country would no longer be lost in the dark. In a bid to salute their heroism and martyrdom, the first military monument will be erected within the next two months in Bangalore.

The monument, which is being erected jointly by the government and the public in Bangalore, will have the honour of showcasing the first highest military flag column of independent India.

The 75-feet high granite rock monument which is being constructed in the remembrance of the soldiers who laid their lives for the country would be placed near Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain and Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and spread over seven acres of land. About 65 meters of the monument Viragallu (213.254 feet) will raise the flag column, which will be the highest in the country. Till date Haryana’s Kaithal was having a 206 feet high flag column.

National Military Memorial Building Committee Chairman and Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrasekhar is of the view that the bravery and martyrdom of the armed forces is lost in the dark.

In the proposed monument plan, it has been decided that along with the indomitable courage of Field Marshal KM Cariappa, Sam Manekshaw Senanaikon and Vir Chakra awardees, immortal memory of the martyrs of the Indian Army’s weapons will also be showcased in the monument.

Not only will this, the triumph story of Vijayanta tanks, MiG-23 fighter aircraft and Navy missile boat will also be carved in the monument.

The construction committee would be opening the park in the second week of September. The foundation stone of the monument was laid on February 9, 2009. The work has been undertaken by the Karnataka government.

However, the Defence Ministry’s effort to honour the martyrs since independence by constructing a national war memorial in New Delhi is yet to see the light. The project reached a deadlock over the decision of location when the Ministry of Urban Development and the Ministry of Defence failed to find a way out.

Notably, every year the martyrs are remembered at India Gate, but its walls are inscribed with the names of the Indian troops whose martyrdom was for the British authority but no memorial has been so far erected for the remembrance of the soldiers who died in Kargil War or for the independence of the country in 1947.

(JPN/ Bureau)